Students should be 3 years old for the LKG and 5 years old for the First Standard.

The school reserves the right to remove a student from the rolls on grounds if irregular attendance, habitual lack of application. Indiscipline and objectionable behavior not in keeping with the spirit of Alphonsa School Students or guilty of any malpractice at examinations will be immediately dismissed from the school


Integrated growth of children from all sections of society by helping them to become intellectually competent, spiritually enlightened, morally upright psychologically mature, physically healthy and socially acceptable


Imparting quality education to children irrespective of caste and creed to attain academic excellence

Inculcating spiritual and ethical values in the minds of children. Organising personality development programs

Providing excellent facilities and training to achieve physical fitness.

Instilling social values such as justice, Truth, Love, Peace, Dignity, Religious Harmony, National Integration and Concern for the weaker sections of society


School fees will he collected in three instalments

First Instalment: May 19-24

Second Instalment; October 1 – 15

Third Instalment: January 1 – 15

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